Campus Ambassador Program

About your Covington Special Needs CPR - Campus Parent Ambassador, Theresa Attea

I have one son, currently a 6th grader at Covington Middle School. We have been a part of the Special Education system since he was in second grade. Throughout this time, we have been through all the same things that most of you have experienced- diagnosis, ARD’s, 504 modifications, IEP, inclusion, STAAR testing.

I know how difficult and challenging these things can be. It was always helpful for me to talk to other parents and caregivers about their experience and what they learned along the way. I am here to provide you with emotional support and information, along with the Covington Special Education department and your Parent Support Specialist, Gloria Franco.

I look forward to a great school year with you and your kids!

Theresa Attea

Please send me an email letting me know that I can put you on a private email list so that I can send you information and notices about parent educational opportunities in the community.

Please, be advised, all interactions and emails within this group will be kept in the strictest confidence (BCC:), in accordance with the AISD privacy practices. Your participation is entirely voluntary.

VELA is a nonprofit organization that empowers families of children with special needs  through hands-on information, resources and support. 

"Through our programming, families become informed, connected, supported and empowered.

Through the parents, for the child." 

**Meet other families, understand your child’s special ed services and paperwork, know what to ask for in ARD meetings, connect to resources and learn how to support your child's strengths and needs.