Fine Arts Academy

Staff group photoFine Arts Staff

With over 125 years combined teaching experience, our Covington Fine Arts staff is looking forward to working with all students at Covington, from beginner to advanced.  Join us for an excellent creative experience here at Covington Middle School.

Covington Fine Arts Academy is comprised of award winning students and faculty in music, theatre, dance, the visual arts, and digital arts. Along with a high quality fine arts program, the academic core teachers are using drama based instruction and visual arts enhanced strategies, as a part of the AISD Creative Learning Initiative in their classrooms to increase rigor and develop a deeper and richer understanding of the state curriculum.

This creative learning is an integral part of the educational process that stimulates our students’ intellect and peaks their curiosity, creativity and imaginations.

The beauty of these techniques is that they easily engage students and immediately help create an environment for focused inquiry and cross-curricular learning opportunities. The instructional techniques used with this focus emphasize the broader goals of problem-solving and creative thinking through the creation of kinesthetic and interactive experiences.


If you submit a transfer request for a priority or general transfer prior to applying to this program, acceptance into this program will supersede an approved priority or general transfer.

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