Career Technology Education (CTE)

Graphic Design:

Graphic Design introduces students to the principles and tools of visual communication and allows them to try these out on self-directed assignments and projects. Students also learn about careers involving these skills and software. (Grade 6)

Graphic Design and Photography:

Graphic Design and Photography builds on the introductory class by encouraging students to incorporate photography into their designs. Students also learn about related careers. (Grades 7, 8)

Yearbook Staff:

The Yearbook Staff class designs and creates the yearbook, including layout, photography, and caption-writing. Students must fill out an application for this class prior to being accepted. (Grades 7, 8)

Entrepreneurship Careers:

Student entrepreneurs work in teams to form business plans involving new products, services, or innovations. (Grades 7, 8)


Animation introduces students to careers within the animation production industry, while also introducing some of the skills and concepts behind designing animated films and stories. Students are not required to take this in order to take Digital Video. (Grades 7, 8)

Digital Video:

Digital Video introduces students to careers within the film production industry, while also introducing some of the skills and concepts behind designing films and stories. Students are not required to take Animation in order to take Digital Video. (Grades 7, 8)

Videogame Design I:

Videogame Design introduces students to careers within the videogame production industry, while also introducing some of the skills and concepts behind designing videogames. (Grades 7, 8)

Videogame Design II:

Videogame Design II develops the skills and concepts students learned in Videogame Design I, adding a deeper understanding of programming and programming languages. Students must have taken Videogame Design I and receive teacher approval to register for this course. (Grades 7, 8)

Web Design:

Web Design introduces students to careers in web technologies, while also introducing some of the skills and concepts behind advanced digital design and programming. Students are required to have taken Graphic Design in order to take Web Design. (Grades 7, 8)

Technology Careers:

This course increases student understanding of the development and impact of technology on society and the environment. Students design, build, and test products and systems to solve real world problems. (Grades 7, 8)

Manufacturing & Construction Technology:

In this course, students investigate the types of activities performed in the construction and manufacturing industry. (Grades 7, 8)

Robotics Careers:

Through Laboratory experiences and research, students will the skills and technologies of the robotics industry. (Grades, 6, 7, 8)


This is a course in beginning keyboarding techniques and basic computer use. It is foundation for developing entry-level skills for business careers.  The course is taught on computers using appropriate software, such as Microsoft Word, MicroType, Excel, and PowerPoint. Emphasis is placed on the development of speed and accuracy by use of touch keyboarding methods, the development of touch skills on the 10-key pad, and the development of basic technical skills to address business applications of emerging technologies. (Grades 6, 7, 8)

Teacher Contact Information

Manuel Dominguez
Animation, Digital Video, Videogame Design

Tutoring: Wed/Thurs  3:45-4:30

Bradley Angermeier
Careers Technology Education, Robotics, Manufacturing & Construction Technology
Tutoring: Tues 7:30-8:00/3:45-4:30

Amy Ishee
Graphic Design, Yearbook Staff, Entrepreneurship Careers
Tutoring: Weds 7:45-8:05/3:45-4:30

David Pope
Tutoring: Weds 7:45-8:05/3:45-4:30