We will be making "NO-SEW' blankets to donate to "Project Linus". Last year year we donated over 100 blankets! Let's keep it up, Covington!

Covington students will be participating in a service-learning project during the month of March.  The students will be making fleece blankets to donate to "Project Linus," a non-profit organization which donates hand-made blankets to ill children and children in crisis.  This will be our 13th year in a row to participate. These blankets are "NO-SEW' and we will teach the students how they are made. It is very easy! 

We will make the blankets on Friday, March. 29, during Success Class and then finish after school until 5:00.  Families, staff, and ALL students are encouraged to help make the blankets with us. We are asking ALL of the students and staff to try to donate 2 pieces of fleece material, 1 1/2 yards each. We need all colors and all patterns. Students can start bringing their material to school right now, to Mrs. Ishee in room 109. 

Last year , we donated over 100 blankets...let’s keep it up, Covington!