Are you in need of repairing a failing grade from the 2nd and 3rd grading periods? You have an opportunity to do that in Credit Recovery. Credit Recovery will be offered for all core classes, Reading, Math, Social Studies, and Science.

On the following Fridays listed below, no students are to report to campus and will need to access their classes online:

  • Friday, Jan. 29th
  • Friday, Feb. 26th
  • Friday, Mar. 5th
  • Friday, Apr. 9th


Click on the link below to download our latest calendar for this school year.

Greetings Everyone!

AISD will partner with the Central Texas Food Bank to provide access to healthy food while campuses are closed for the winter break.  

A district wide email was sent out to all parents. 

If you wish your student return to in person learning please click here

As the school year progresses, it is important for families to know how to access student grades and other key information.